Advanced RFID Solutions, Software Development and API Integration Services.

Our team of experienced software developers and consultants will work with you to develop a scalable, customizable enterprise solution.

Web-Based Administration
Instant access to the administrator dashboard from any Internet connected PC for real-time system modifications.
Passive Identification Solutions
RFID systems designed to increase work flow while allowing workers and materials to move seamlessly throughout their environment.
Real-Time Reporting
Data reporting tools that provide management with the right information to make critical production decisions on the fly.
Layered Security
Designed to provide the highest level of available encryption and coding to ensure RFID data is stored securely in every environment.
Secured Access Monitoring
Administrator defined rules in critical areas provide real-time notifications to prevent unauthorized worker ingress/egress and to monitor the flow of materials.
24/7 Customer Support
Customer support desk available 24/7 ensures our customers receive the highest level of support anytime, day or night.
““Manufacturers, even those already highly efficient, are using RFID to boost operations. Carrier reduced shipping errors by 90 percent and boosted productivity by 30 percent with RFID. And oil and gas companies are employing the technology to manage assets, improve drilling and maintenance operations, and implement real-time safety solutions.”Mark Roberti, Editor of RFID Journal

RFID software solutions designed to automate business and increase productivity!

“Oil and gas companies are adopting radio frequency identification technology to better manage assets and inventory, improve drilling and maintenance operations, and protect workers in dangerous environments. But industry experts say they’re missing out on a powerful application,” says Jennifer Zaino of RFID Journal. RFIDENTITY’s suite of applications is the answer for companies that want to build a scalable RFID infrastructure that will reduce operating costs, increase productivity and provide their workforce with the safest PPE technology available today.