Asset and Inspection Management

There is a major business problem with tracking assets and inspections of those assets within many industries.

Regardless of the size of the company, lost revenue due to the inability to track when inspections are needed or asset location creates substantial liability. The lack of process that can identify the date of when the inspection is due along with the location or who has the needed inspection item is an everyday grind. Compliance issues arise from lack of process and a software solution to manage the items is currently tracked through ERP systems or spreadsheets and the bottom line is there is no backup or documentation to support the repaired items.


RFID technology allows you to tag each asset with RF tags and in conjunction with Alien Readers and Antennas you have the ability to automate your company’s processes avoiding costly mistakes and liability. The ability to store and share inspections, repairs, and what the inspections entail are easily managed and organized with quick and easy filtering. By standardizing your processes and having access to back up information for billing purposes, which comes directly from the field makes companies more profitable and allows them to grow from within. By providing a time stamp and geo-location you now have all information with the click of a button.

Every investment needs a Return On Investment to justify the capital expenditure. With an accurate tracking and management system in place inspections are completed on time and companies can now automate their processes. Service contracts, billing, inspections, and repair maintenance are just a few of the processes that can be automated with RF technology. By eliminating the need for data entry you can move manpower to other parts and positions in the company by creating an automated practices, allowing you to grow through technology, not costly manpower. Finally by automating the billing process invoices are immediately sent upon delivery giving a quicker turnaround on payment and creating a greater cash flow.

RF Identity has created a cost effective solution and proven process that we implement by tagging assets heavy duty RF tags. Using a combination of stationary RF readers, ruggedized handheld readers, or mobile readers with smartphones, RF IDentity gives you the option to choose the right solution for the job.

RF Identity consults companies on the usage and selection of the readers to give points of tracking to accurately scan assets and streamline the operation through technology instead of manpower. RF Identity also provides the ability to geo-locate assets, providing asset location and proof of inspection, which can be relayed to your customer instantly.

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Through customized dashboards alerts can be set with a combination of text messaging and emails created by RF Identity and the customer to eliminate costly missed inspections or past due items. By equipping your employees with handheld readers, companies can now confirm inspections and repairs and extinguish the need for costly phone calls from customers. By capturing the geo-location of these inspections and signatures if required, you can create an instant report that can be automatically sent to your customer. By automating the export to your ERP system you can now free up employees to have additional roles and grow from within as the time and expensive data entry role is eliminated.