Keg and Pallet Tracking

There is a major business problem in micro-breweries today that gets overlooked because keeping up with the demand to fulfill orders takes priority.

Lost revenue due to the tracking and final destination of kegs and pallets can be costly and is a problem regardless of the size of the company. The lack of process in keg and pallet tracking which should identify the date when the keg was filled can lead to spoiled goods as there is no way to track exactly when the keg needs to be delivered and making sure that the oldest go out first creates a major financial loss for distributors regardless of where they fall in the supply chain. From order origination to the final destination the keg simply is overlooked because the main priority is to get the delivery out in a timely manner and skipping the final step of documenting the last known location of the kegs and pallets can be costly.
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RF Identity’s Keg and Pallet Tracking technology allows you to tag each Keg and Pallet with a unique RF tag giving micro-breweries their true inventory with a scan of the facility using Alien Readers and Antennas. Order fulfillment reporting is now possible with these unique identifier giving the ability to have checks and balances on Keg and Pallet deliveries vs. the original order when reading the tags. As orders are delivered customers receive an automated receipt with their signature capture eliminating discussion on fulfillment of orders. Upon delivery the customer and the seller have a receipt automatically sent with a geo-location and digital signature automating the current practice of pen and paper. By creating exit /entry points these items can simply not walk out the door anymore. With the creation of born on dating you can assure the Keg contents are fresh and up to the standard you expect. Finally you can incorporate Keg and Pallet Tracking software to track the costly practice of lost kegs and pallets.

Every investment needs a Return on Investment to justify the capital expenditure. With an accurate inventory and production count breweries can allocate resources to the most popular beers and make sure they are delivered in a timely manner to avoid stale deliveries. By eliminating the need for data entry breweries can now move manpower to other parts and positions in the facility by creating an automated billing practice that exports into the ERP system and generates invoices on the spot. By eliminating lost kegs and pallets this offers an immediate profit straight to the bottom line as there is no longer the need to repurchase these costly vessels for breweries prized possession. Finally by automating the billing process invoices are immediately sent upon delivery giving a quicker turnaround on payment and creating a greater cash flow.

RF Identity’s Keg and Pallet Tracking is a cost effective solution and proven process that we implement by tagging all Keg and pallets with heavy duty RF tags and strategically placing readers at exit/entry points throughout the facility. As orders are received and entered into our software solution an order is originated and tracked throughout the fulfillment process. RF Identity consults companies on the placement of the readers to give points of tracking to accurately scan and alert the proper persons of orders streamlining the operation through technology instead of manpower. Through customized dashboards alerts can be set with a combination of text messaging and emails created by RF Identity and the brewery. By having the handheld readers as the last line of defense breweries can now confirm and extinguish the need for costly phone calls between its customers and the brewer due to missing kegs and pallets by capturing the location of the delivery and signatures of the customer creating an automated receipt. By automating the export to your ERP system you can now free up employees to have additional roles and grow from within as the time and expensive data entry role is eliminated. Lastly by tracking the date of delivery stale kegs are thing of the past.

RF Identity has a main competitor for this product – Pen and Paper combined with employee hours. Our solution standardizes and creates a flow process allowing you to produce and deliver more with the same work force. Contact RF Identity for more information about Keg and Pallet Tracking.

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