Commercial Processing



The Commercial Processing Industry is grueling without a standardized process in place. The order tracking/delivery process can be demanding and unforgiving without a standardized software process in place leaving your company at a disadvantage. From order origination to confirming order completion is a daily grind leaving manufacturing companies in a reactive state.

RFID technology allows you to tag each item with a unique identifier giving commercial processing companies true visibility of the facility with a simple scan. Automatic order tracking is now possible with these unique identifiers giving the ability to have checks and balances on orders and item packaging. Comparison of a finalized order vs. the original order is simple and quick when reading the tags with the advanced technology of Alien Readers. Upon order completion, notifications are automatically sent to the customer, eliminating the customer calls to see if an order is complete. We further automate the process by automatically creating invoices in your ERP system.

By implementing the software and hardware companies now can have an accurate order status and item count. This practice allows companies to have less time spent on manually tracking orders and order status. Disputes over order items are a thing of the past with automatic item verification at the time of order drop-off. Repairs and services can now be tracked and billed accurately with a simple scan of the item. Every order and repair can be monitored through advanced dashboard charting allowing optimization of processes, saving money. Our innovative order shelving system allows you to easily find orders at the time of pickup and better utilize your storage at a fraction of the cost of conveyer systems. By automating the billing process there is no need for data entry of paper invoices, saving time and eliminating errors.

RF Identity combined with Alien technology has created a cost effective solution and proven process that we implement by tagging items, orders and shelves to alleviate the time consuming and costly manual processes of the past. Strategically placed readers throughout the facility allow you to simplify day to day operations. As orders are received and entered into our software solution an order is originated and tracked throughout the fulfillment process. RF Identity assists companies on the placement of the readers to accurately scan and alert when issues arise through technology instead of manpower. Through customized dashboards, unprecedented visibility into your shop status is at your fingers, even when you are not there. By automating the export to your ERP system you can now free up employees to have additional roles and grow from within as the time and expensive data entry role is eliminated.

RF Identity’s Tracking for Commercial Processing combined with advanced dashboard functionality gives your company a major advantage over the competition. RF Identity has a main competitor for this product – Pen and Paper combined with employee hours. Our solution standardizes and creates a flow process allowing you to produce and deliver more with the same work force. Contact us for more information.

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