Passive Time & Attendance Solutions.  Everyone knows time is money and no one measures time and attendance better than RFIDENTITY. Traditional time cards become obsolete when replaced with small, low-cost RFID tags and chips coded to the individual employee. Payroll is automated and integrated seamlessly with your accounting system—replacing manual time-card entry with automatic time-card management—saving you time, money and headaches. RFIDENTITY offers large, scalable solutions that will grow with your business, allowing for rapid deployment and customizable user management.

RFID Passive Time ClockEmployee TrackingEmployee Geo Fencing
RFID Passive Time Clock
Automate time clock functions for employees as they enter and exit a jobsite without the need for manual time card entry. Passive RFID readers relay time and attendance information automatically and enable company’s to accurately compensate employees for time spent on the job. By assigning each employee a unique, secure RFID tag or chip either embedded into personal protection equipment or attached to the worker, employee time stamping becomes a breeze. Reduce errors, maximize productivity and never overpay for time clock punching miscalculations again.
Employee Tracking
Track employees, in real time, and make production capacity decisions instantaneously. RFIDENTITY’s employee tracking solution allows supervisors to adjust personal requirements to meet project and production schedules while controlling cost. Reduce the time it takes to manage multiple areas throughout a manufacturing facility, mining operation, industrial plant, oil & gas production rig, construction site and more. Our solutions allow business units to report against progress on a daily basis and make adjustments on the fly to meet production goals.
Employee Geo Fencing
Geofence boundries build a layer of intelligence that allows management to make real-time decisions or take action based on the geographical area assigned to an employee. Enterprises are realizing the added value that geofencing can bring to their businesses in terms of increased worker capacity and streamlined payroll systems based on assigned work areas.
Why Deploy RFID Time & Attendance Technology?
Lower Costs, Improve Accuracy
Reduce employee payroll overpayment by 1.5% to 10% while simultaneously decreasing data entry time using RFID Tags and Chips.
No More Payroll Errors
Eliminate costly payroll mistakes by automating the time-card entry process with RFIDENTITY’s time and attendance module. This platform has been designed to be fully customized to your unique time card needs.
Manual Employee Time Cards are History
Take out the headache of adjusting employee time cards and set customized rules for overtime adjustments, holiday pay and other instances. With RFIDENTITY’s Time Card Solution, you’ll never have to enter employee time card data again.
Secure Data Administration
Our RFID chips and tags use industry leading electronic product code protection to ensure that employee data never falls into the wrong hands. Server level data is always encrypted through an ISO 27001 facility. Compliance through SOC 2 Type II and SOC 3 are also met. Through the use of a customized employee dashboard, administrators are able to modify employee records and have the choice of uni-directional or bi-directional syncing into most any legacy accounting system or ERP system.
Employee Activity Monitoring
Monitor employee activity throughout designated RFID “zones” in your business, allowing administrators to approve or deny employee access based on pre-defined credentials and rule sets.
Reduce Time Theft
Eliminate time theft by applying rounding rules and restricting schedules, as well as, eliminating buddy punching by utilizing controlled access entry points through a secure algorithm-based data collection analysis module.
Maintain Your Existing Accounting and ERP System
RFIDENTITY’s development team utilizes custom API’s to integrate our modules into your current ERP and accounting systems, allowing for rapid deployment. Workflow is maintained as employees are able to continue using their traditional ERP and accounting platforms.
Synchronize Your Data
RFIDENTITY links time card data into legacy accounting systems, so there is no need for manual entry and data is updated from the cloud in real time. Supervisors have instantaneous updates when employees enter onto the job site.


RFID software solutions designed to automate business and increase productivity!

“Oil and gas companies are adopting radio frequency identification technology to better manage assets and inventory, improve drilling and maintenance operations, and protect workers in dangerous environments. But industry experts say they’re missing out on a powerful application,” says Jennifer Zaino of RFID Journal. RFIDENTITY’s suite of applications is the answer for companies that want to build a scalable RFID infrastructure that will reduce operating costs, increase productivity and provide their workforce with the safest PPE technology available today.